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The purpose of this site is to try to saturate you with subtle beauty. The point is that the attunement to the beautiful is one of the most important methods of spiritual work.

From the evolutionary standpoint, everyone starts their personal history in paradise, because souls get formed and start developing in paradise. They are not human souls yet; they are germs of human souls that go through the initial stages of their evolution in vegetal and then in animal bodies.

But having reached after many such incarnations the possibility to become humans we, for some reason, begin to develop attachments to material objects and grow egocentrism in ourselves. It gets manifested as arrogance, contemptuous attitude towards other living beings, and so on. In this way most of people lose paradise.

People living in paradise are those who accustomed themselves to pure, subtle, loving, tender states of consciousness. And hell is the destiny of coarse people, who got used to live in the coarse emotional states.

The paradisiacal states are called sometimes sattvic, the hellish states — tamasic, and the intermediate states — rajasic.

So, to come back to paradise — once we came to know about these laws — we have to master psychical self-regulation with the purpose of rooting out all coarse states in ourselves and fostering subtle states by all means.

One can find more details about the most efficient methods of psychical self-regulation in our books.

Moreover, it is possible to cognize God in the aspect of the Creator from the state of sattva alone — from the paradisiacal state of soul, because the Creator is the most subtle part of the Universal Consciousness. And sattva is the most close to the Divinity state of soul.

God is really cognizable for people who follow this knowledge. And He is indeed incognizable for those living in the states of tamas and rajas.

And another very important point — God is Love. And one can approach Him only through fostering in oneself the emotions of love — first to the sattvic beings and phenomena, and then to Him, to God.

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