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Art Westerwonderworld

Spiritual Art from Dutch painter Jan Westerhof, about Transformation, paintings: Out of the Blue, Birds and Butterflies, Soulflowers, Into the Light, Outer Journey to the Inner Light.

Spirituality and Religion

Religious Unity, Spiritual Awakening, Kabbalah, Esoteric Christianity, Islam, Science & Religion, Peace, maybe even the Meaning of Life!

Yoga Retreat -

Providing Retreat information - Everything Yoga in Bali, Indonesia is here.

Meditation Techniques

Learn the art of meditation from an enlightened master, Anandmurti Gurumaa. Find the right meditation technique for yourself. Experience it yourself with Guided Meditation Cds. Join the meditation retreats and taste the bliss in the presence of an awakened mystic.

Spiritual Health Magazine

Catch up the positive vibrations and fill spirit with a new zeal, energy and enthusiasm.
Know about new tips & techs of yoga and meditation. Articles on healthy diet and body fitness.
Get inspirational and wisdom quotes by seers and mystics. Also read Interviews of famous celebrities.

Psychic Advice to Start Improving Your Health Now

A website about helping people transform themselves.

Elisabeth Haich - Initiation

Elisabeth Haich - Initiation - NEW as bilingual eBook - Einweihung NEU als zweisprachiges eBook!

Enhanced Healing

Relaxation Music CD's, Downlaods, Royalty Free Music,
DVDs, Aromatherapy Products for Improved Mental and Physical Health

Religious Resources

A directory of Internet resources for all major religions.

Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music

Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety,
promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self-esteem.

SpiritFind Directory

Comprehensive spiritual web directory

Personal Development - Tools for Transformation

Resources for personal development and transformation of body, mind and spirit. Includes the online book Transforming the Mind and many worthwhile free downloads.

The Yoga Masters

Yoga Information. Yoga Links.

The best place in the world for meeting vegetarian friends and singles.

Spirit And Sky

Spiritual Knowledge Repository.

Directory of organized health information.

The Truth Contest

A contest to seek, define, and spread the truth you can check, the universal truth, the ultimate truth.
Prophets and truth seekers unite. Do you know the truth?

Wicca & Esoteric - Witchcraft library

A concerted attempt to find, and help others find, all the answers to Wicca and Esoteric related topics.

Yoga Spirit Tele-Classes, Workshops and Radio

Yoga Spirit is an international learning hub serving the world wide yoga community. We bring you outstanding international teachers through globally accessible tele-classes (live one hour audio training classes), podcasts, radio programming and workshops.

University Of Metaphysical Sciences

Bachelors, Masters, D.D., Ph.D. Degrees in Metaphysics, distance learning, Internet downloads or Postal Mail, Low Tuition/Payment Plans, Starts at $50/mo, higher education for spiritual unfoldment, teacher training...

The Yoga Guide

Oil Paintings Gallery

Quality oil paintings on canvas and frames. Landscape art, portraits and custom made. FREE SHIPPING 50% off Retail.

Art Gallery Oil Paintings For You

Oil Painting Reproduction on Canvas. 100% Hand-made World famous oil paintings reproduction. You can order any painting from our online gallery and it will be hand painted and delivered to you in less than two weeks.

Oil Paintings Reproduction,Oil Painting Reproductions,Art Oil paintings Reproduction

Oil Painting Reproduction on Canvas. 100% Hand-made World famous oil paintings reproduction.

Chinese wholesale oil paintings reproduction

Wholesale Oil Paintings from China, reproduction of old masterpiece oil painting, portrait photo oil painting reproductions, flower painting, abstract oil paintings On Canvas, Oil Painting for Sale,
oil painting wholesale at factory price.

Pet Portraits

Mike Barrow is a professional family portrait artists, offers pet and wedding portraits as fine oil paintings from your photos, dog portraits, family, portrait artists, pet portraits scene's and children portraits at cheap prices.

Yoga for diabetes

Provides information on diabetes yoga for diabetes treatment, also have how to do video and yoga’s benefits in controlling blood glucose level.

Cognition of God

This book is about how, with the help of ecopsychological methods, one can effectively and quickly progress towards spiritual perfection, cognize God and learn from direct personal interaction with Him — for the sake of further personal development and for helping others on this Path.


Meaning of Our Lives

Articles, lectures, video.

The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia

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