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Slideshow Magic of Morning

Screensaver and slideshow Magic of Morning

Magic of Morning is a slideshow that brings morning tenderness, forest filled with gentle sunlight, beautiful singing of birds to your desktop. It immerses you into the calm and harmony of living nature.


Download slideshow, 6.5 Mb.

Download screensaver, 6.5 Mb.

Sathya Sai Baba

View online version (800x600)

Screensaver and slideshow Avatar Sathya Sai Baba

Love-tenderness of Sathya Sai Baba — in His face, in the beauty of nature, in all manifestations of life.

Enjoy, meditate, receive bliss.


Download slideshow, 5Mb (with singing of Sathya Sai Baba).

Download screensaver, 2.8Mb (same images, but no sound).


About Sathya Sai Baba see


Screensaver and slideshow Babaji: Flight of  Soul

One of the greatest Divine Teachers — Babaji — calls us to become the Ocean of His Bliss.

Meditation with the mantra Hare Om.


Download slideshow, 7.4Mb

Download screensaver, 7.2Mb


The Teachings of Babaji see in "Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present".

Beauty - Path to Tao

Screensaver Beauty — Path to Tao

One of the qualities of Tao is Great Calm.

We can approach this state by contemplating the beauty of nature.


Download screensaver, 5.7Mb

slideshow Immersion into Ouietness

Screensaver and slideshow Immersion into Quietness

Viewing this slideshow can help you to master inner quietness and harmony, which are necessary for advancing successfully on the spiritual Path. It will fill you with calm, harmony, and light.


Download slideshow part 1, 6.7Mb

Download slideshow part 2, 7.6Mb

Screensaver version:

Magic of Quietness, 6.7Mb

Power of Silence, 7.6Mb

Slideshow Beauty of the Earth!

This slideshow helps one to master subtle and tender emotional states — through attunement with the harmony and beauty of living nature. With its help one can overcome stresses and stress-caused ailments. The slideshow teaches us love and subtlety contributing to our spiritual development.


Running time: 90 min.

Download the slideshow, 45Mb


Slideshow Campfires

A fire! It can give us much in the forest! It gives us warmth, calm, coziness; with its help we can cook food and dry clothes… But… it can give much more!

Running time: 10 min.

Download the slideshow (1620x1080), 9.5Mb

Download the slideshow (1280x1024), 8Mb


Slideshow Songs of Flowers. Melodies for the Heart

This slideshow will help you to see the beauty, tenderness, and subtlety of living nature and attune yourself with it, while the musical accompaniment will contribute to the purification and correct and correct tuning of your chakras.

Running time: 3 min.

Download the slideshow, 11Mb


Slideshow Immersion into Harmony of Nature.
The Way to Paradise

In this slideshow you will enjoy the best manifestations of the living nature: sunrises, morning mists, blossoming plants, etc. The slideshow helps one to get rid of stresses and negative mental dominants, and immerses the viewer into the bliss of subtle positive emotions. But the most important is that it "opens" and develops the spiritual heart.

Demonstration of the slides is accompanied by audio commentary of Dr.Vladimir Antonov.


Running time: 1.5 hours.

Download the slideshow, 50 Mb.


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